Friday, July 16, 2010

The To-Do list

I started a to-do list a few weeks ago and each day I add something to it.  I wish I could also say each day I cross something off...but that's just not happening.   I mention my to-do list to friends and they laugh, I'm not quite sure why.  It's not funny.  Or maybe it's just not funny to me.  Hopefully my to-do list below gives you a little glimpse of what's running through my mind, and hopefully it makes you laugh.  :)

I included all the items from my original list even the completed you can see there are not too many...

*Renew my passport.  Must get an expedited passport through the mail, can't do same day in Mpls.  (COMPLETED)
*Figure out medical insurance while in Belgium.  (Update - will purchase when in country, school will assist)
*Make a dentist appointment
*Should I get life insurance?
*Give current employer official resignation letter with end date.
*Schedule exit interview with HR
*Email new FB friend from Russia (COMPLETED)
*Complete Belgium VISA application
*Get FBI record.  Contact Senator for possible assistance.  (Update - I got a phone call today, July 15, it's in the mail!)
*Email Rotary program counselor update (COMPLETED - 7.6.10)
*Phone call with 5960 chair for status update (COMPLETED - 7.6.10)
*Contact REM committee for ticket, accommodations ?  (COMPLETED)
*Email RI counselor questions (COMPLETED wk of 7.12.10)
*Email school list of questions (PENDING answers from school)
*Provide 5960 chair update
*Find friends in Belgium.  By that I mean contact the Rotaract Club of Leuven and current AS in Belgium. (COMPLETED)
*Book REM accommodation, purchase ticket
*Pack and organize my condo
*Buy a plane ticket
*Take computer to the geeks for a checkup
*Update my blog!  :)

So that's my list as of 11:30pm on July 15.  I know there's a lot of things that I'm forgetting...but I don't have time to sit down and write out my to-do list.  So if you know of anything I'm overlooking - please let me know!


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  1. Yes to life insurance. Also, think about ST & LT Disability Insurance......God forbid anything would happen.

    Let me know if you need any help!!