Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Crossing things off...

Just a quick update from my to-do list...

*My condo is rented (YAY) so I'm mid packing right now.  I have to be out by July soon!
*I received my FBI record back in record time.  Thanks to my Senator!
*I mailed my completed VISA application to the Belgium Embassy in NYC.  Hopefully there's no hang ups there.
*I put in my official notice at work - my last day is Aug 4.
*I bought a one-way plane ticket for Aug 19 to Brussels on Icelandair.  My calendar says that's less than a month away...aaahhhh!

Also - my friends and family are throwing me a going away party on Fri. Aug 6 at the Split Rock Grille (Radisson - Water Park of America).  If you're in town, please stop by and say "hi" and "bye"!  Click HERE for the link and you should be directed to the website, just enter your name to get added to the guest list.

Vaarwel for now!

1 comment:

  1. It's kind of scary purchasing a one-way ticket yet so thrilling! Have fun at your party.
    Love ya, Lori