Monday, July 26, 2010


I’ve been busy packing up my condo these last few days and I’m amazed at how much stuff I’ve accumulated in the past 5.5 years. From clothing to kitchen wares to office supplies – I’m just amazed at the stuff I had that was not necessary. I already donated two car loads to Goodwill and Bridging and my car is packed for the number three trip tomorrow. How did I collect all of this stuff or more importantly why? Maybe it’s simply because I had the space to fill. I had a two bedroom condo so I needed to fill that second bedroom. I had a big closet so I needed to fill it with lots of clothes. But it was really all unnecessary. I think I’m really going to learn how much I don’t really need this year.

So what do I pack for school? And how do I get it there? These are the really big questions that keep me up at night. When I arrive in Leuven, I’ll be in temporary housing until I find an apartment to rent for the school year. I think I should be able to find a place within a week or two. (Let’s hope!) So the temporary living situation makes me think I take a “small” bag and then have someone mail me a more of my clothes when I have a long-term place to stay. Then I start to think about summer vs. winter climates and clothes. But as a Minnesotan I think I’m overly prepared for that. In Belgium, the average low in the winter months is about 33F (.6C) with an average high of 42F (5.6C). Which actually sounds pretty nice compared to the bitterly cold Minnesota winters with record lows of -40F (-40C)!

Ok, focus Annie. And back to packing the condo. I just a few more boxes left and I’ll be all set for the movers to show up on Tuesday. After I get all my belongings into a 10’ x 10’ storage unit, I have just over 3 weeks to think about my next round of packing…oh, I can’t wait.

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