Belgium Facts

I've done a little research about my new home for a year and thought I'd share with you.

First, here's a map of Belgium, I will be studying Leuven (east of Brussels):

As for scale...well it's a small country. Belgium is only 30,528 sq km (11,800 sq mi); that puts it somewhere between the size of Maryland and Hawaii.

And for population - there are 10.8 million people in Belgium, which is more people than in the entire state of Michigan. 

Brussels, the capital, has many important international offices: one of the European Union HQs and NATO.  Belgium has three national languages: Dutch is predominantly spoken in the Flanders area in the north, French is spoken in the Wallonia area in the south, and German in the south east.

As for weather, Jan is the coldest with a low of 3C (37F) and in July the temp rises to 18C (65F).  Snow is rare and rain is common year-round.

Belgium is known for chocolate, beer, waffles, french fries (which are really from Belgium not France), and diamonds.  It all sounds wonderful to me!  :)

As for Leuven, it's a small city - only 57 sq km and 90,000 people.  The headquarters of Anheuser-Busch InBev, the largest beer company in the world is in Leuven. 

As I find more fun facts I'll post them here...or let me know if you have any specific questions.