Saturday, August 14, 2010

Only 6 days.

This last week has flown by and I know the next one will go by even quicker. Last Friday was my going away party and I was so glad to get a chance to see so many family and friends in one place. It was a nice warm Minnesota night which I know I’ll miss in the cooler temps of Belgium. I posted the pics under The Marek going away party tab.

Then on Saturday was what usually is my most favorite night of summer (trumped only by my going away party): Twin Cities Rotaract Annual Drive-in. This tradition has been going on in my club far before I joined 7 years ago and I’m going to miss it next year. We always get a big group to go we grill out before dark and then the good ole fashioned 1950’s fun begins! The Drive-in plays 3 movies, but I never make it through the 3rd one. Here’s most of our crew this year but for some reason only 1 cooler got in the pic, believe me we had a lot more food than that.
TC RAC Annual Drive-in Movie night 2010

The rest of the week has been a blur of activity. Between meeting up with more friends, dentist appointments, Rotary & Rotaract meetings (where I received a Paul Harris Fellow!), numerous visits to the bank, and many other miscellaneous errands I haven’t had much time to pack or even think about packing. That’s probably a good thing because I know I need to still go shopping. So that’s what I’ll do tomorrow, shop. Sunday is for pre-packing. Mon, Tues, & Wed are to finalize everything. Then on Thurs (only 6 days away!) at 19:20 I hop a plane to Brussels and my real journey begins!

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