Monday, August 23, 2010

The journey

I'm 2 days in Leuven and things are going great.  I met a great Rotaractor from Leuven that was so kind to not only pick me up from my hotel near the airport in Brussels but take me around Leuven and show me the city.  Then today - day 2 - I met many people from my class and had a great time getting to know them.

I know you're all itching to see pics, but before I show pics of Leuven I wanted to share pics from my journey to get here.  A couple pics at the begining are from a goodbye supper my immediate family had for me.  Then there's a few from my parents house my day of departure, the airport, and then me on my journey to BRU.  I flew Icelandair (love them!) first class due to a sweet summer sale that made my ticket less than 50% what other airlines charged.  First class also gives much more luggage allowance and access to the 1st class lounge in Iceland.  I had 2 checked bags (70 lbs each) and 2 carryons (20 lbs each).  That's a good start to what I need for the year but I left my big winter coat and boots at my parents...word is I'll need them soon.

So enjoy these pics below (click on the pic to link to my picasa site) and there'll be more soon!

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