Tuesday, March 29, 2011

~Here comes the sun, do do do do~

Well spring has arrived in Leuven! This Sunday we started “summer time” (aka. daylight savings), the flowers are blooming, people are wearing shorts and sunglasses, and most importantly the SUN is back.

This new season reminds me how long I’ve been here and how quickly time has passed. I arrived at the end of summer and went through all of autumn and winter. Now each season was lovely, but I do think spring might be my favorite. People are again out in the parks and everyone seems to be smiling! And with temps in the mid-teens (Celsius) you’d be smiling too.

In my spring adventures, I have started jogging and I'm exploring the nooks and crannies of Leuven on foot. Have you ever been on a run, seen something in the far horizon and decided to reach it? Or have you seen a sign with an arrow and decided to check it out? Well I have and now I can in Leuven. Unfortunately I don’t take my camera with me on my jogs, but I’ve discovered some pretty great areas in and around Leuven. One of these days I’ll walk my runs and take pics of the quaint residential area in Heverlee, the tiny city park with the little bridge, or the big statue of Mary atop the hill at the Abby. My adventures lead me down some curvy and windy roads and I sometimes get a bit “lost”. But there’s not too much to worry about, there’s always a sign that points me pack to Leuven.

One of my most favorite spring locations is the botanical gardens. It’s actually quite close to my place and it's a perfect place for a cool down walk. This time of year, there are many flowers in bloom with many more just starting to sprout up from the ground. I’m sure this place will be a favorite in the months to come.

If you click on the pic above, I've started a folder dedicated to spring (so far it’s just the gardens) but I’ll be adding to it over the next few weeks. If you’re still stuck in winter (hello to my family & friends in Minnesota and to cousin Lori & Jon in Alaska!) – these are dedicated to you!

See you later!

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