Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Drinking the kool-aid.

(Winter break email #2/3)

I met my friend Jill, from the USA, in Brussels on Dec 28. Jill and I have known each other since 2006 when we were selected to be part of the same Rotary GSE (Group Study Exchange) team to Germany. In those past 4 years we have had many traveling adventures together, so when she said she’d visit me where ever I was – I had no doubts. Our days GSE-ing still have so many great memories and so we started off this latest adventure by visiting a dear Rotarian friend we meet back in 2006, Walter.

Me & Jill at the Starbucks (her fav) at BRU airport

Walter is from Kircheimbolanden (Kibo), a small town in Germany “near” Frankfurt (1 hour by train). Kibo is a gem of a town that most tourists don’t think to visit since the train doesn’t pass through. But that’s their loss. Walter waited for us at the train station and greeted us with a large pretzel (so much better than flowers). Over the next 2 days, Walter gave us the tour of the town and we revisited some of the same places from years ago and he took us to some new sites.

Walter gave us a pretzel at the train station

Walter indulged our every need of Kibo. He borrowed the key for the city (literally!) so we were able to walk atop the city wall. We also visited the mountain top, but like last time, the weather kept us from seeing the view. And he even took us for schnitzel and spatzle after I stated my craving.

Don't drool on your keyboard!

We had a really great time, but my most favorite was fondue-ing at the Litchi’s. Walter and his wife Rosemary invited us over for an evening of delicious cheese, wonderful wine and home-baked Christmas cookies. But the food was nothing compared to the company. It was just so fantastic to sit around a table with Walter, Rosemary and Jill, and relive memories from years ago, debrief on the past 4 years, and discuss current situations with us and around the world.

The fondue caldron

I am so thankful for the GSE experience years ago that brought us all together and entwined our lives. I don’t know when the next time we will intersect again, but I’m looking forward to it! As my friend Greg says, I drink the Rotary kool-aid and I have a kool-aid smile. :-)


See you later,

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